Western Public Service System

Western Public Service System
Upcoming Events
June 11, 2016   WPSS Picnic, Casa de Fruta, Hollister
September 8, 2016   WPSS Luncheon, Steer 'n Stein, Hemet
October 8, 2016   WPSS N. Luncheon, China Buffet, Citris heights


Silent Keys 

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of:

Gene     W7POR
Ralph   KG6UUF


WPSS Picnic

This year's Picnic will be held in Hollister at the
Casa de Fruta  |  June 11, 2016

Lunch begins around noon  |  Drawing around 1 PM
Talk-in Frequency:  145.470 -94.8 on KE6J repeater

If you need an RV space, call Lisa at 800:548-3813

Opportunity tickets are now available
See rules for details

Prizes Galore and a chance for that rare face to face QSO
map  |  prize list  rules

Luncheon Photos Posted

WPSS Net Time

  • Early monitoring begins at 1800 (6 p.m.) Local (PST or PDT)
  • Roll call commences at 1930 (7:30 p.m.) Local (PST or PDT)
  • Late monitoring begins at the end of roll call and continues until?
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How to Join 

The Western Public Service System (WPSS) invites you to check in to the net at anytime. You do not need to be a member and we will welcome you as a visitor. Once you have decided to be a net member, your call will be added to our roll call, which currently has over 400 stations in the western states.

Beginning membership dues are $10.00. This includes the WPSS Newsletter, which you will receive three or four times a year. After the first year, dues are $8.00. Dues may be submitted for multiple years if desired. Renewals for the current year paid after January 31st are $10.00.

Your renewal date is noted on the mailing label on the newsletter and in the membership list on this website.  See Member Listing.

To request information and/or enrollment please contact any roll caller, or:

Toby Mort - W6PXD
Membership Chairman
28255 Rawlings Road
 Hemet, CA 92544-8314
e-mail morttojo@aol.com

Send membership renewal dues to:
  Dave Wheelock - K6DAW
750 West Kanai Avenue
Porterville, CA 93257
e-mail k6dawdave@gmail.com

Make Checks payable to:
Western Public Service System

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  • Updated Roll Call 5-30-16
  • Updated Member Listing - 5-29-16
  • Added Hemet Luncheon Photos 3-26-16
  • Updated Net Control Stations 3-22-16
  • Updated Birthday List 1-1-16
  • WPSS Newsletter 11-10-15
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Net Control Stations
Updated 3-22-2016
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Net Monitors
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